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Dr. Kyriaki Noussia is an Attorney at Law, Arbitrator and an Academic (Senior Lecturer in Law at the Law School, of the University of Exeter, UK). She is a Greek lawyer, admitted to the Athens Bar (Greece) and licensed to appear in front of the Greek Supreme Court (Areos Pagos) and the Greek Conseil d’ Etat (Supreme Administrative Court), (Symvoulio tes Epikrateas). She has extensive experience in the field of arbitration and has regularly advised and acted on matters in various areas of law, most notably insurance, reinsurance, maritime, energy, environmental, construction and investment law. Later acquired expertise includes the area of Law and Technology, such as issues relating to robotics and the law, the ethics of AI and the law, the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application in various industries and sectors as well as cybersecurity issues.  

Dr. Kyriaki Noussia is highly professional, and has experience in international arbitration, with past involvement in dispute resolution on international commercial, investment issues, and the energy (oil & gas), environmental, shipping, construction, and (re)insurance sectors.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences and round-tables on oil and gas, energy, insurance, maritime and environmental issues.

In particular, her current work is related (but not limited) to issues on international commercial and investment arbitration, sustainable development and expropriation of natural resources and any environmental, dispute resolution and insurance issues, law and new technologies – most notably the way robotics and AI reshape our lives and the world we live in.

Dr. Kyriaki Noussia is a member of a number of international associations including the International Insurance Law Association (AIDA World), the British Maritime Law Association, the Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA)  and the Hellenic Insurance Law Association (HILA) (Greece). Within AIDA World, she is the Vice President for Europe, a member of the Presidential Council, chairs the Working Party on General Principles of Insurance Law and co-chairs the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee. She is also a co-editor of the first Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation (Springer). Her teaching at Exeter includes specialty modules on Oil and Gas, Investment Arbitration, International Commercial Arbitration and AI and the Law. She is actively supervising PhD students on topics from the areas of investment arbitration, oil and gas arbitration and international commercial arbitration, as well as maritime and environmental law, and AI and the law.

She regularly writes on arbitration (international commercial, investment, reinsurance), oil and gas law, insurance and reinsurance law, environmental law, maritime law, and the law and new technologies. Recent publications include, inter alia, the first book in the UK on the Law and Autonomous Vehicles (Informa Routledge, 2019), a book on InsurTech, a book on Transparency in  Insurance Law, and an article on the contract and insurance implications of Covid-19.

Kyriaki is also interested in charity and volunteer work and has recently responded to calls on providing solutions to help relieve the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this respect, she has devoted time and labour to participate at the #EUvsVirus# Hackathon (24-27/4/2020, project “Dynamic”, to help access to work and Universities whilst observing social distancing measures) and she is currently participating at the #Financial Times Innovative Lawyers – Global Legal Hackathon Challenge (April 24-May 22, 2020), a worldwide legal hackathon aimed to unleash the talent and creativity of the world’s legal industry to collaboratively innovate solutions to the most pressing legal, regulatory, and civil society challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis that is currently engulfing the world. Kyriaki is leading project “RESOLVE” on connecting the whole legal sector online so as to create a unified legal market globally and facilitate global access to justice, most notably ADR (arbitration and mediation). The project responds to a challenge posted on the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers – Global Legal Hackathon by the Law, Information and Technology Lab @ Hong Kong University (LITE@HKU), aimed to provide solution in the times of Covid-19 and the pandemic for small-medium enterprises, social enterprises and start-ups. She is also part of the team of two other projects, on promoting (online) arbitration and mediation (“BRIDGE”) and on providing online access to justice online for consumers (“VERITY”).


Law Degree – Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Economics and Political Sciences, National and Kapodistrean University of Athens, Greece, 1994


LLM International Trade Law, University of Essex, UK 1999

Ph.D. (Law), University of Southampton, UK, 2004



Athens Bar Association, Greece


AIDA World (International Insurance Law Association)

Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA)

Hellenic Insurance Law Association (HILA)

British Maritime Law Association

European Law Institute (ELI)

UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA)

Selective Publications

Selective Articles

  1. The Arbitration Act 1996: Time for Reform?. Journal of Business Law (2019)
  2. Bias of Arbitrators Revisited. Journal of Business Law(2018)
  3. The Covid-19 Pandemic: Contract and Insurance Law Implications. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation35 (2020)(forthcoming)
  4. On Modern Threats to Environmental Sustainability in the Arctic: the Climate Change Factor. European Energy and Environmental Law Review28(2020) (forthcoming)
  5. On Modern Threats To Environmental Sustainability in the Arctic: The Cybersecurity Factor and the Provisions of Insurance Against Environmental and Cyber Risks in Oil and Gas Installations. European Energy and Environmental Law Review29 (2020) (forthcoming)

Selective Book chapters

  1. Appeals in Arbitration: the Modern Function of Section 69 of the Arbitration Act 1996, (K. Noussia et al., In Devenney J (Ed) Research Handbook on Transnational Commercial Law, EElgar  (2021)
  2. Big Data, Privacy and the Protection of the User of Autonomous Vehicles: Ethical Issues, Insurance Aspects and Human Rights.( K. Noussia, S. Landini, In B. Kuschke, M. Lima Rego (Eds.) Insurance and Human Rights, Springer) (2020)
  3. The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and its Impact on the Life Insurance Industry. In P. Marano, K. Noussia (Eds.) The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) – Promises and Reality, Springer) (2020)
  4. Autonomous Vehicles: Legal Considerations and Dilemmas. In P. Marano, K. Noussia  (Eds.) InsurTech: a Legal and Regulatory View, Springer (2019)
  5. International Comparisons. In M. Channon, L. McCormick, K. Noussia, The Law and Autonomous Vehicles, UK: Informa Law from Routledge (2019)
  6. Marine Insurance. (R, Merkin, K. Noussia. In R. Merkin, K. Noussia (Eds.) Maritime Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Thomson Reuters (2019)
  7. The Legal Regime and the Relevant Standards. In P. Marano, I. Rokas (Eds.) “Distribution of Insurance-Based Investment Products the EU Regulation and the Liabilities”, Springer(2019)
  8. Transparency in the Insurance Contract Law of England. In P. Marano, K. Noussia (Eds.) Transparency in the Insurance Contract Law, Springer) (2019)
  9. Carrier Liability under the Rotterdam Rules. In L. Kotsiris, K. Noussia (Eds.) “Liber Amicorum in Honour of Ioannis K. Rokas”, Athens, Greece: Nomiki Vivliothiki, (2017)


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  5. Reinsurance Arbitrations, Springer (2014)
  6. Confidentiality in International Commercial Arbitration, Springer (2010)
  7. The Principle of Indemnity in Marine Insurance Contracts, Springer (2007)





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