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Victoria Associates is international and knows no borders. 

We are qualified to practice in  California, D.C., New York, England & Wales, Portugal,  Spain, Greece, Frankfurt and Brazil.  

We work in English, Greek,  French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Embark with us !

Why Victoria?

We draw upon the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan who commanded a fleet of five ships that set off from Spain in 1519 to circumvent the globe. 

Victoria was the only ship to complete the journey around three years later.

We take inspiration from this great historical event demonstrating that through hard work and perseverance there is nothing that cannot be achieved. 

Skills and Experience

Victoria Associates’ members have a unique track record in all sorts of international proceedings. Our diverse practices focus on international arbitration, including commercial, investment and sports disputes; but we also advise and represent clients in ADR proceedings as well as in domestic arbitration and litigation before national courts in jurisdictions where we are qualified. 

Mature in law and in business, Victoria Associates members’ skills and experience serve well our clientele. Our team is highly qualified in various areas, including Banking & Finance Law, Energy, Public International law, Construction, Engineering & Real Estate, Distribution, Business & Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, M&A, Human Rights, and International Frauds.

Proactive Approach

At Victoria Associates, we do not do merely conform to the belief that “the customer is always right.” We endeavour to understand what our clients want, and we will advise them on alternative courses of action based on our combined past experience involving similar issues. 

By taking a proactive approach, our clients can get on with their own day-to-day work knowing that they have Victoria Associates as trusted business partners who support their interests, not merely providing legalistic answers to difficult questions.

Business Oriented 

The Members of Victoria Associates are not only skilled in the law but also seasoned business people. At Victoria Associates, we resolve issues in line with the laws, but most importantly in line with the client’s needs and objectives. We look for the different paths to get from Point A to Point B.

Our team is mature as most of us have over twenty year’s legal practice. Therefore, we have practical insight into the industries within which we, collectively, have worked.

Experience in Various Areas of Law

All of our members have practiced in diverse areas of legal representation for individuals, businesses and governments, and so are well aware of the pitfalls which can turn into disputes. To mention a few, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, start-ups, venture capital and foreign investments.

We pride ourselves on being well-rounded litigators who are well-informed of the discipline in which the dispute arises.

Solution Oriented Approach

At Victoria Associates, we also pride ourselves on our solution-centred approach to disputes which allows clients to preserve their business goals, relationships, and reputations. Having a keen business sense, being dedicated, thinking creatively, applying specialist knowledge, sharing our know-how, meeting deadlines, and being organised – these are the characteristics that define Victoria Associates.

Creative Fee Structures

We are always amenable to consider creative structures for our legal fees including risk sharing. We make it very much the heart of our business to be transparent, clear, and fully accountable for what we do.

At Victoria Associates pride ourselves on being transparent and our fee structures are sufficiently flexible to accommodate client needs. Most importantly we strive to avoid any surprise when it comes to Victoria Associates’ remuneration.

Third-Party Funding

Should it be useful we work closely with third party funders to finance certain costs of pursuing our clients’ matters. The fact that we are willing to share risks is helpful in obtaining the assistance of the funders.

Third Party Funding is an emerging finance model aimed at getting significant legal funding for clients’ disputes, based on a non-recourse financing model: the funder will only be reimbursed of its investment (legal fees and all other expenses) in any specific dispute if and when the proceeds are recovered.

In this regard, Third-Party Funding can open a world of opportunity to clients who might otherwise not have the resources to take their valid – but at times, costly – cases forward.

We have an extensive range of international contacts in the funding industry that the clients can benefit from, and we have a successful track record in securing funding for valid client claims.


Victoria Associates is not a law firm, but a network of lawyers with independent practices who act as co-counsel in specific cases. The lawyers of Victoria Associates may represent clients even if other Victoria Associates lawyers would be unable to represent those clients under applicable conflict of interest rules. This website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. Materials on this website may constitute attorney advertising under applicable rules of professional conduct. Past results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


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