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SVAMC Task Force on Tech Disputes, Tech Companies & International Arbitration

The Task Force Members


Patricia Shaughnessy

Paul Cohen

Duarte G Henriques

Avani Agarwal (Executive Secretary) (Link to Profile)



The Task Force, which is led by Patricia Shaughnessy, Paul Cohen and Duarte Henriques, seeks to explore the reasons for the apparent under-use of arbitration by global technology companies and to offer solutions.  The inquiry will be conducted through a comprehensive study using reliable methodologies and engaging in dialog with technology companies and other relevant players. With the result, the Task Force hopes to offer a bundle of tools that could help the arbitration community better serve technology companies, thereby making the use of arbitration more friendly for such companies.



The Task Force White Paper

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Task Force Members

David (Link to profile)

Thomas (Link to Profile)



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